someone needs to have legal access to their accounts to wrap up any unfinished business

Although they generally are not transferrable, they still have value.”When a person dies, someone needs to have legal access to their accounts to wrap up any unfinished business, close out the account if necessary or carry out specific instructions the deceased left in their will,” said outgoing Oklahoma state Rep. Ryan Keisel. “Digital photo replica Corum 163-250-20-0F03-FB30R Men's watch albums and e-mails are increasingly replacing their physical counterparts, and I encourage Oklahomans to think carefully about what they want to happen to these items when they pass away.”Grandparents who want to know how much their grandkids love them are advised to start carrying a Microsoft Points balance.

OK Law Addresses Virtual Estates [Game Politics]”Michael “Shagg” Washington, a “backup singer” with rap act Cypress Hill, has decided in 2010 to sue Grand Theft Auto developers Rockstar for a game they released in 2004. Why? He reckons he's the star of GTA: San Andreas.Washington, who says he only just heard about the replica Corum 163-250-20-0F01-FM30R Men's watch game from his nephew, is basing his case on the claim that in 2003 Rockstar met with him to speak about his life growing up in gangs, during which time he told the developers, among other things, “how the teen-agers (sic) in his gang rode around on bicycles”.

“The plaintiff had never seen the game. He did not own or play video games, but it seemed possible that he had been included in the game,” the official legal complaint reads. “He then recalled the meeting in or about 2003, and it began to dawn on him that his image had been stolen for the game.”Upon examination of images of 'CJ' and comparison to his photos from that year and other evidence, it became clear that Rockstar replica Corum 163-250-20-0F01-EB30R Men's watch had stolen his image and never paid him.”For his troubles, Washington - who is suing not only Rockstar but the game's publisher Take-Two as well - is after 25% of the profits generated from sales of San Andreas. Which adds up to, oh, $250 million.

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But where?Culture Smash is a daily dose of things topical, interesting and sometimes even awesome — game related and beyond.”So many Kinect hacks have teased a “Minority Report” style intece. Picked at its edges, approached it with half steps. This clip shows it's not only possible with Microsoft's new camera, it's possible right now. replica Corum 163-257-47-F401-PN74R Watch Using Kinect drivers for Linux, some kids from the Robot Locomotion Group and Learning Intelligent Systems teams at MIT have come up with a system that has Kinect detecting all ten of your fingers, along with your palms, and using them to allow interaction with a display.

The presentation may not be at the same level as the classic science fiction flick, but the level of interactivity (and potential for more) looks to be pretty damn close!”Now that Kinect has been cracked open so that anyone with a PC (or Mac) can mess around with its code, people are free to improve on its current capabilities. Like this guy, who has replica Corum 163-250-20-0F05-FZ30R Men's Watch “multitouch” working on the camera.In this demonstration video, we can see how user floemuc has been able to get the camera to recognise both his hands as input devices, which means he can then swipe pictures around just like Tom Cruise is able to in Minority Report.The pictures aren't as y, nor are there any red balls or jetpack chases, and in many points it's even incredibly glitchy, but remember: baby steps, people.

Baby steps. We have to start with a gallery of cherry blossom pictures before we can move on to solving pre-crime.”A law passed in Oklahoma provides for executors to access social media accounts and, presumably, distribute their holdings. So if you don't write out that will with LegalZoom, a judge will decide who gets your Second Life counterfeit coffin.The law took effect Nov. 1. According to its author, its meant to remind people replica Corum 163-250-20-0F04-FO30R Men's watch that online possessions - images, account information and what have you - are also possessions and their ownership or control should be specified in a will. Though it's not said specifically, and the legislator acknowledges the law could conflict with service agreements, the language would seem to cover items associated with online gaming accounts.

who is charged with killing a 22-year-old British woman in Chiba

Take Tatsuya Ichihashi, who is charged with killing a 22-year-old British woman in Chiba, Japan in 2007. Ichihashi fled to the Kansai region of Western Japan, living in net cafes.Or the 30 year-old woman who delivered her son in a net cafe restroom, then left it for dead in a plastic bag in the sink as she returned to her booth and resumed reading a replica Corum 285-150-20-0F15-FZ50R Men's watch comic book. When a cleaner found the baby, it was no longer breathing, but the child was miraculously revived.Or the internet cafe employee who was stabbed this week in Tokyo's Kabukicho. The 40-something year-old attacker apparently showed up at the cafe and demanded to be let in, reports Japan Today. When the 26-year-old net cafe staffer let him in, he was stabbed in the back. The attacker then fled.

Or the 35-year-old unemployed man who robbed one internet cafe with a knife after not having anything to eat for two days. He was later arrested at another net cafe in Tokyo.Or the 17-year-old teen who beheaded his mother and then went to a net cafe to watch DVDS — bringing his mother's head in a bag. Before going to the internet replica Corum 163-257-47-F408-PN76R Ladie's watch cafe, he put his mother's arm in a flower pot.Japan's Cyber Cops are attempting to crack down on net cafes by forcing them to ask for ID in hopes of curbing online crime. There is debate about how much cyber crime originates from net cafes. According to the police's own data, it's quite low.

However, police arrest a 37-year old internet cafe manager in Chiba for downloading 25,000 movies and songs via a peer-to-peer server. the recent leaked video of the Japan-China ship collision was uploaded from a net cafe in Kobe.The crime rate in Japan is low — among the lowest in the world. And net cafes have traditionally been just as replica Corum 163-257-47-F403-PN75R Ladie's watch safe. But with more and more high profile crimes emitting from them and high profile criminals inhabiting them, they will be regulated more and more. So for now, those looking for a quick nap, manga reading or some net surfing, might want to head elsewhere.

While controlling shooters on the PC is made easier by the precision of the mouse

INSIDE (INSIDEjp) [Twitter] [Pic]”While controlling shooters on the PC is made easier by the precision of the mouse, that's not enough for some people. Some people want it even easier than that. For them, there is the Dragon Gaming Speech Pack.It's a replica Corum 285-180-20-0F71-FM40R Men's watch piece of software that allows people to issue commands to supported games using their voice, the theory being that by replacing keyboard shortcuts and certain button presses with voice control you'll save both time and effort.That's the theory, at any rate; the clip below makes the whole thing look both confusing and tedious.

The Dragon Gaming Speech Pack supports games like Mass Effect 2, World of Warcraft, Modern Ware 2 and Starcraft 2, though strangely, anyone buying the pack for $75 won't get universal support, as they can only select three games to receive speech recognition.Hope you're so lazy that you don't play more than three games![via Big Download]”Internet cafes dot the Japanese urban landscape and offer a moment of pause for regular replica Corum 285-180-20-0F71-EB40R Men's watch folks. Ditto for criminals.Sure, internet cafes in Japan have game consoles and DVD players, but they also have showers and private rooms with big reclining chairs for customers to crash on. One chain called “Manboo” even has a nail salon.

They're so great, you wonder why people don't just go ahead and live in them. They do.There are even words in Japanese to describe those who live in internet cafes: “net cafe nanmin” (literally, “net cafe refugee”) and “cyber-homeless”. Many cafes charge around the equivalent of US$20 a night, including free online, manga, DVD, TV and fizzy drinks.”Net cafes, which are open to anyone at low cost, have been the place where people who replica Corum 285-150-20-B100-EB40R Men's watch were hard up could muddle along until they found a job and made some money,” Hitomi Nishimura, a writer covering the homeless situation, tells Japan Today. And internet cafes traditionally do not require forms of identification when checking in; however, that is changing.The anonymity makes them attractive not just to salarymen hoping to catch some extra zzz's or read their favorite manga in peace, but also for those on the lam.

Those who purchased the Games On Demand version of the recently

That is, until now. Those who purchased the Games On Demand version of the recently released Dream Club Zero were surprised to find that this new clothing trading function allows items of clothing to be swapped among characters. The game's developer was surprised, too. The ability to swap clothes wasn't going to be made public, but a bug in the Xbox Live system pushed the update live early — to the dismay of the game's replica Corum 285-181-20-F732-TIGR Men's watch developer.Microsoft apologized for the mistake and offered to “fix” the issue for players by removing the update. Of course, removing the patch would mean that players could no longer dress up various characters in the same outfit — something they would have to wait until next year.

"It is hundreds of screenshots, composited into recreations of artwork featuring the two stars of Nintendo's famous adventure series, Link and the Princess Zelda.These screenshot mosaics were made using shots from every single Zelda game ever made. Yes, even the handheld ones, and yes, even the new ones, and yes, even the awful CDi ones we never really like talking about that much.You can check out the detail on the Link one here, while the replica Corum 285-181-20-F701-SHRK Men's watch Zelda one is available at the link below.Link and Zelda Sprite Mosaics: Includes Images from Every Zelda Game [Kaycircle, via Go Nintendo]”Today, the Nintendo DS game from Professor Layton developer Level-5 and My Neighbor Totoro creator Studio Ghibli goes on sale in Japan.

How's it going to do? Well, how do you think it's gonna do?Level-5 is responsible for several of Japan's favorite new franchises (like Layton and the soccer role-playing game Inazuma Eleven), while Studio Ghibli is a Japanese replica Corum 285-180-20-0F73-EE40R Men's watch institution. Little kids grow up on like Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke.New title Ni no Kuni is a collaboration between both Level-5 and Studio Ghibli.At a recent publicity event for the game, Level-5 revealed that over a half a million copies (600,000 to be exact) of Ni no Kuni have been pre-ordered on the DS. That's the biggest first shipment of any new Level-5 game, ever.Besides a DS version, Ni no Kuni is expected to hit the PS3 next year.